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Hospital Arm
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Hospital Arm

Hospital Arm


Designed for better care and maximum satisfaction of hospital stay

The HA hospital arm line can be used with monitor and bedside terminal to upgrade patient care at hospitals and clinics. With this solution, the medical staff can help patients not only receive well-performed healthcare services but feel satisfied experiences from care providers. MODERNSOLID provides the quality hospital arms to greatly facilitate healthcare solutions in hospital, medical facilities and treatment centers.

The hospital arm produced by MODERNSOLID features easy adjustment and viewing comfort to meet requirements of personalized entertainment and less anxiety while patients staying at hospital. The mounting arm is offered to accommodate the software and hardware for multimedia display, wide viewing angle for easier discussion. It is highly applied for diagnostic, residential and nursing home care.

As a leading hospital mounting arm manufacturer in the healthcare field, MMS also specialized in providing point of care cart, medical computer cart, hospital arm, medication cart and medical mounts to meet demanding applications in point-of-care solutions and care centers. If you would like to learn more details about our top quality products, please view at our website or call us directly.

Patient Care at Hospitals
• Easy adjustment and viewing comfort
• Personalized Entertainment and less anxiety
• Updating electronic patient data at the bedside

Diagnostic and Treatment Centers
• Accommodate the software and hardware for multimedia display
• All cables inside to ensure the cleanness
• Wide viewing angle for easier discussion

Residential and Nursing Home Care
• Stow the arm to the wall for space saving
• Personalized health care services improve the effectiveness of home care


The HA Series: