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Designed for the convenience and demand of your workflow
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Designed for the convenience and demand of your workflow

Mobile Computing Cart

The HC mobile computing cart line sets the new standard for mobile systems. With improved features and functionality, the carts help the clinicians, nurses and IT professionals deliver better patient care and improve workflow efficiency. 

For Clinicians: 
• Quality and safety at the point of care
• Perfect for Electronic medical records (EMRs) and Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) applications
• Simple height adjustment adapts to the individual needs of each clinician
 For Nurse: 
• Greater mobility improves efficiency
• Flexibility to configure workstation with storage drawers for supplies and meds
• Increase patient privacy and reduce medication errors
 For  IT professionals: 
• Flexibility to accommodate the latest software and hardware solutions
• Open platform design is integrated, robust and easy to operate
• Ensure the security and reliability of information systems


The HC Series:

No power system: HC-100   HC-101   HC-102  
AC 120V: HC-110   HC-111   HC-112  
AC 230V: HC-120   HC-121   HC-122  
DC: HC-130   HC-131   HC-132