Hospital LCD/ TV Monitor Arm, Wall Mount Type

Hospital LCD/ TV Monitor Arm, Wall Mount Type
Product ID: HA-135 / HA-155

  • Gas Spring assisted arm helps easy adjustment for viewing comfort
  • The majority of cables can be neatly concealed inside the arm for an exceptionally clean look
  • When not outstretched, the arms can fold close to the wall for space saving.
  • Rubber rings are in place to avoid bumps against the wall.
  • The aluminum alloy and steel construction makes the arm sturdy 

    • Weight Capacity:
      • HA-135: 1~6 kg (2.2~13.2 lbs)
      • HA-155: 6~12 kg (13.2~26.4 lbs)
    • Tilt: 20° up and 30° down (display) & 20° up and 60° down (arm)
    • Material: Aluminum alloy and plastic cover
    • Mounting Option: Wall mount type
    • Pivot: 180°, 370°, 270° (wall, arm, display)
    • Extension: 1870.5 mm
    • Display Compatibility: VESA 75/100mm

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